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Synerduino is an STM32 bit compatible shield develop to run the INAV system , this adds a new dimention to the Synerduino lineup intended for Advance users

Hardware Features

  • SPI and I2C Pins
  • External OSD implemntation
  • small prototyping section
  • inverted and uninverted RC2 SBUS pins
  • 7 PWM output
  • 2 UART
  • 1 Soft UART
  • External sensor option
  • Prototyping shield compatible

Software Feature

  • INAV Supported Firmware
  • Programmable Logic Control
  • Missions
  • LED control
  • updated fixwing model

Hardware Specs

Sensors STM (GY91)

Gyroscope + Accelerometer: MPU9250 in SPI mode
Magnetometer: AK8963
Barometer: BMP280
GPS Setup – UBLOX Protocol (As Preset in Firmware Hex file )


Input Voltage from Arduino Board: 3.3-5V
PWM Power Rail Regulated – 5V at 1.5A
Drone Power Input Voltage – 12.6V (3S) or 16.8V (4S)
Power Distribution Lines – 80A

Dimensions: 128 x 62 x 28 mm LWH / (V1.1)135mm x 62mm x 28mm
Weight: 46.1g
4 Solder Pads for 4 ESCs and Motors


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