Synerflight Surface Systems

Synerflight surface system is a Prebuild lineup from the Synerduino series of controller shield design for users who simply just want to install and run the vehicle then upgrade later.



Balangay Navigatior

this is a Prebuild kit base off the Synerduino Surface firmware and configuration of 2022 Banka field test , it allows both differential and steering drive options.


Comes with the base unit

  •  12V Dual 60A brushed motor driver
  •  Dual servo attach point
  • GPS
  • Optional RC reciver input
  • 2 Applications required to operate


With its current model thereare a few basis

  • 2pc Electric 12V 30A 360W brushed outboard motor (this motors require a Diode install before the Battery monitor)
  • Android Device 4-9 (basic ) Android Device 10 (with Split Screen mode)
  •  Boat 10ft to 15ft depending on your motor capacity


this product would be a preorder basis , you can request my Email or messenger # Synerflight surface # Synerduino boat