Synerflight Surface Systems

Synerflight surface system Base off the Synerduino series of controller shield design for users who simply just want to install and run the vehicle then upgrade later.



Surface System

Synerduino USV

Base off the Synerduino Surface firmware and configuration of 2022 Banka field test , it allows both differential and steering drive options. adaptable into small marine craft hulls.


Comes with the base unit

  •  12V Dual 60A brushed motor driver
  •  Dual servo attach point
  • GPS
  • Optional RC reciver input
  • 2 Applications required to operate


With its current model thereare a few basis

  • 2pc Electric 12V 30A 360W brushed outboard motor (this motors require a Diode install before the Battery monitor)
  • Android Device 4-9 (basic ) Android Device 10 (with Split Screen mode)
  •  Boat 10ft to 15ft depending on your motor capacity


this product would be a preorder basis , you can request my Email or messenger # Synerflight surface # Synerduino boat