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Radar Function using Ultrasonic

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for addition object detection a simple function can be added using widely available SR04 Ultrasonic with PWM output to interrupt the vehicle at a set distance , this uses the SR04 Ultrasonic with ideal range of 2m and max 5m but because ultrasonic has a wider sensor arc its resolution is arbitrary at best and mainly use as low cost obstacle trigger detection.

Updater Radar scope design only refresh after re-scan

Setting up the Bluetooth telemetry

Bluetooth setup with the USB TTL and Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE>Tools>Serial Monitor  (hold the Button while Plugging the USB) to go programming mode Set (Baud 38400) (Both NL & CR)

Hold Press when sending AT command (Version 5)

AT : check the connection

AT+VERSION : Check Version

HC-05 (Recommended)

AT+NAME=Change name    (Synerduino)

AT+PSWD=1234 (Version 2)

AT+PSWD=“1234” (Version 3) (Possibly works on Version 5)

AT+UART=57600,1,0 (for synerduino Radar)

Download Ultrasonic Radar Application

Note: is available in EXE and PDE formats – to use PDE format download the Processing Application form

Firmware Hex file and Hex uploader

supports 328P boards Nano and Promini

Arduino/ sketch notes

change this value to change distance trigger

/set Distance to trigger the PWM Aux Switch in cm/ eg: 100cm
int inputdistance = 100; // set Distance to trigger the PWM Aux Switch in cm (change this to adjust trigger distance)

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