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Synerduino Kwad Frame

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3d Printed 250mm size Drone Frame

  • STL file 
  • Readme File (contains the print setup)


shell thickness 0.8mm
Fill density 60% -70%
Print Speed mm/s 60-70
temperature 200c – 205c


shell thickness 0.8mm
Fill density 40% -50%
Print Speed mm/s 70-80
temperature 205c – 210c

Synerduino V1.1 Frame

Update 29/8/2022 thicker arm

Update 27/5/2023

this 300mm drone requires an MG996R Servo at the tail and uses the round servo horn to mount the tail motor mount and at least one ESC with UBEC of 2A to support the servo power requirment

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