About Synerduino Arduino

The Synerduino Arduino Shield can be called a Classic series Reborn adapted to use the popular Arduino UNO and Mega development board it bridges the Knowledge Gap between your basic Arduino robotics and Drone platforms. As you would be using the same Arduino to fly a mission capable drone.

Beginner Friendly

Its Light weight Programming offers Ease of use and programmability compare of other controllers of similar classes .


 Synerduino shield serves as an all-in-one flight controller essential board that fits on Arduino Mega 2560 and Uno. Equipped with all the necessary sensors, power management, and pin headers, it turns the Arduino development board into a Robotic Vehicle controller .

Is perfect for hobbyists, educators, students, researchers, and everyone who wants to learn more in building their own Autonomous platforms. Its simple Arduino shield design makes it a versatile and highly customizable to suit your Drone and Robotics building and learning needs.

update 2022

V1.1 Synerduino Kwad shield (Arduino Drone)

now support direct ADC sensor input for industrial Sampling, selector Via solder Pads

The Shield Kit includes the following items:

1x GPS (V0 Beta Ublox Neo6 NMEA / V1.1 Beitian GNSS UBLX )
1x Bluetooth
5x JR Servo Plug
1x DUPONT Line (V1.1)
2x DUPONT Line (V0 Beta)

List of features:

Compatible with MultiWii (open source RC multi rotor flying platform)
Compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 and Uno
Ground Station with Flywii GUI
Supports 3S/4S Batteries
4 Output ESC Pads
Mode Selection Pads (V1.1)
ADC sensor input (V1.1)
Highly customizable


  • Dimensions: 128 x 62 x 28 mm LWH / (V1.1)135mm x 62mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 46.1g
  • 4 Solder Pads for 4 ESCs and Motors
  • 15 3-Pin Digital Headers
  • 8 3-Pin Analog Headers
  • 5 4-Pin Serial Headers


  • Input Voltage from Arduino Board: 3.3-5V
  • PWM Power Rail Regulated – 5V at 1.5A
  • Drone Power Input Voltage – 12.6V (3S) or 16.8V (4S)
  • Power Distribution Lines – 80A

Sensors Beta (GY801)

  • Accelerometer: ADXL345
  • Gyroscope: L3G4200D
  • Magnetometer: MMC5883
  • Barometer: BMP180 – 85
  • GPS Setup – NMEA Protocol (As Preset in Firmware Hex file )

Sensors V1.1 (GY91)

  • Gyroscope + Accelerometer: MPU6050
  • Magnetometer: AK8963
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • GPS Setup – UBLOX Protocol (As Preset in Firmware Hex file )


Synerduino Beta and V1.1 Board
Ground Vehicle
Marine Craft

Ground Station Download and Documentation


Linux Unbuntu

MWPTools AMD64



Note: XLoader is use to upload  premade Hex files to Arduino board Calibration & firmware

X Loader Download

ESC Calibration Hex Firware

this is to calibrate the ESC. see quick guid.pdf for instructions

Synerduino ESC Calibration .hex

Multirotor Hex Firware

this is Multirotor firmware , select the board model and GPS type that matches the firmware then the frame Quad X for the Synerduino Kit

Synerduino Firmware Multirotor .hex

To further simplified the upload the Hex firmware only supports ( 2560 Mega Arduino Board ),

Bluetooth Telemetry is hookup to Serial 0 for (HC05 -Bluetooth at Baud 115200) (0 + – Rx Tx)

SIK Radio Telemetry is hookup to Serial 1 in Raw data mode at Baud 57600 (1 + – Rx Tx)

Disconnect Bluetooth from Serial 0 when uploading Firmware or Configuring via USB


PID presets for Multirotor

PID 250mm Quad

PID 450mm Flamewheel

Fixwing Hex Firmware

Synerduino Special Airplane Hex

Synerduino Airplane Hex


Pid Preset for Fixwing

PID Airplane

Surface Vehicle Hex Firmware

Synerduino Firmware Surface .hex

PID preset for Surface

PID Surface

Telemetry Radio Software

this to configure the following UART radio brands

Xbee XCTU Config

SIK 3DR Radio Config

Ebyte Radio config E30 to E71

Ashining Radio config A100 to AS69

Misc. files

    Synerduino Multirotor Ino

    pls see documentation and its associated sensors inorder to download the version that matches your board , this is Arduino IDE Versions of the said firmware

    Multirotor Ino (2024) (Support M9-M10 NMEA , M7-M8 UBX )

    Multirotor Legacy Ino (2020) (Support M5-M6 NMEA , M7-M8 UBX )

    Fixwing Ino and Hex Firmware

    Note: be aware only UnComment / select Airplane or Flying Wing modes on these sketches on Config.h

    Synerduino Flying Wing Ino and Hex Firmware

    Synerduino Special Airplane set

    Special Airplane (2024) Support M9-M10 NMEA,  M7-M8 UBX

    LegacySpecial Airplane (2023) M5-M6 NMEA, M7-M8 UBX

    Note : in Output.cpp  –  under (Main Mix Table)

    For Wing Differential Thrust Elevon Mix

    motor[0] = PIDMIX(0, 0, +1); //LEFT
    motor[1] = PIDMIX(0, 0, -1); //RIGHT
    servo[4] = (SERVODIR(4,2) * axisPID[ROLL]) + (SERVODIR(4,1) * axisPID[PITCH]) + get_middle(4); //LEFT
    servo[5] = (SERVODIR(5,2) * axisPID[ROLL]) + (SERVODIR(5,1) * axisPID[PITCH]) + get_middle(5); //RIGHT

    For Airplane Differential Thrust Mix

    motor[0] = PIDMIX(0, 0, +1); //LEFT
    motor[1] = PIDMIX(0, 0, -1); //RIGHT
    servo[4] = (SERVODIR(4,2) * axisPID[PITCH]) + get_middle(4); //ELEVATOR
    servo[5] = (SERVODIR(5,2) * axisPID[ROLL]) + get_middle(5);//AILERON

    For 3Ch Airplane mix

    motor[0] = PIDMIX(0, 0, 0); //LEFT
    motor[1] = PIDMIX(0, 0, 0); //RIGHT

    servo[4] = (SERVODIR(4,1) * axisPID[YAW]) + get_middle(4); //ELEVATOR
    servo[5] = (SERVODIR(5,1) * axisPID[PITCH]) + get_middle(5); //RUDDER

    For Synerduino Surface INO and Hex

    Synerduino Surface Special INO

    Special surface (Support NMEA M9-M10 ,M7-M8 UBX )(2024)

    Synerduino Special Surface2-M9-M10.zip

    Legacy Special surface (Support NMEA M5-M6 ,M7-M8 UBX )(2023)


    Synerduino Arduino offers an means to add on integrated features to your drone mission capability in the most Arduino DIY way

    Note: if your packing more than two sensors or additional micro controllers on to your Drone we advice to use an ESC with a BEC or an External BEC to power those sensors : see Synerduino basics guide on power setup

    Note: these are Provided as samples for users to implement their own hardware.

    Hardware Implementation

    Motor Driver

    other than RC ESCs

    Motor Driver PWM

    Computer Vision

    ArduBlock Implementation

    this is use with Arduino IDE 1.14-1.18 Version useful when working with arduino codes file extention.abp


    Power Implementation

    need more power ? Synerduino Drone Powersupply and Distribution should allow for expanded capacity

    Power Board

    Foamboard fixwing

    Synerduino Twin Airplane

    Parts 3d print Arduino plane Gen 4


    3D Printed files

    pls check the stl file and the printer settings prior to print


    Synerduino Qwad 250mm Frame 3


    this 300mm drone requires an MG996R Servo at the tail and uses the round servo horn to mount the tail motor mount and at least one ESC with UBEC of 2A to support the servo power requirment

    Tricopter frame


    synerduino plane 1 STL File

    synerduino-plane-2 STL file

    Arduino plane Gen3 STL

    Arduino plane Gen 4


    Synerduino boat Hull

    Synerduino boat accessories

     Phone Holder



    For Beginners who wish to learn how to fly a Drone we can recommend this link



    Download 1

    Download 2

    Download 3

    Trainer cord PPM

    Require a Game Controller or a Radio Transmitter with PPM Trainer cord or USB dongle this Virtual Port comes useful

    Steam Community :: Guide :: SmartPropoPlus config for DRL Simulator


    this is Extended Source Referece online from other People that can be useful for your project as well

    Note: this is not handle by Synerflight and precaution taken each are develop by their respective developers and specific IDE

    Python interface


    Android Studio interface

    Android Multiwii Remote

    Multiwii Remote HermesApp

    Multiwii Remote Flone

    Processing.org interface

    Multiwii GUI Processing

    ReefWing Multiwii GUI Processing

    WIFI ESP Browser Interface

    Long range WIFI PPM