Synerflight is Compose of  4 Projects which as a whole support the Initiative of Capability Building and Sustainability.

Capability Building Program is one of the Highlights and Important in Nations Security and Education is always a Priority

Synerduino Platform is a Open Vehicle Control board solution in creating Affordable Automated Vehicles .

As STEM education in Robotics  serving as learning tool  for students and

As Reseach Tool for experiments allowing faster Validation of Proof of concepts

1. As a STEM Workshop

its Capability Building Program initiative  allow you to learn the fundamentals of Flight controllers , control loops and sensors

2 . As Thesis Research Tool

it allows  researchers the ability for quick experimentation and  deployment of proof of concept model in a short time frame its expandable Archetecture allows for Custom Prototyping companion boards to be added on while able to interface with the synerduino compatible firmwares expanding the use of it.

3. As Industry Stopgap Tool

Quick Development to deployment  of specialize  Mobile robotics , Drones and Unmanned Vehicle application. whether a StopGap solution or Permament Operations.


Synerduino  Arduino 2560


Feature Function

  • Programmable Logic
  • ADC sensor integration
  • Data Analytic and intervention
  • Mission capability
  • Expandable footprint
  • Small integrated size
  • Multi-Vehicle platform
  • Light weight Interface on all its Compatible GUIs



Synerduino Plaform is Design to Perform Mission capable Data Analytics for small and large drones alike on different vehicle platform

ADC sensor integration and Telemetry – for research or Enviromental sampling  the adition of ADC compatibility and telemetry not only allows you to log the drone systems but also the Enviroment its flying in

Expandable Footprint – allows for shield stacking of custom prototyping boards and addon shield for experimentation


Video Documentation

For an Archipelago nation or a nation with Plenty of Navigable Waters around  this Synerduino platform offers supprt for Marine craft capability (USV) for Various marine base applications



AGAV is a drone dispatching and mission solution which adds a new dimension to field work by combining efficiency with scalability.

AGAV prototype systems

concept of a self contain autonomus deployable  platform that can be setup and use of routine basis feasibility studies

Its inteded to be a dispatching and mission solution which adds a new dimension to field work by combining efficiency with scalability.


 AGAV Vehicle platform


the large size heavy lift demonstrator

Synerduino Shield Board Lends its self well for Workshops, Academic Activities and Research.


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