Synerflight Surface Systems

Synerflight surface system Base off the Synerduino series of controller shield  Brings in a New and Exciting Twist in the Surface Environment Research .

combining navigation and data capture hardware pack feature of a vehicle.


Ground Surface system

Track Sets

including a set of track sets for for those who are interested in building their ground robotics
comes in 3meter lenghts
Chain 3.5 inches width
Chain 7.5 inches width
Classic Sprocket 25 teeth
Classic Idler
Custom Road Wheel
Custom Chassis
Custom wheel sizes

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Marine Surface System

Surface System

Synerduino USV

Base off the Synerduino Surface firmware and configuration of 2022 Banka field test , it allows both differential and steering drive options. adaptable into small marine craft hulls.

in 2023 november we Launch the boat in several marine location around Cebu Philippines which opens a new interest on marine research being a versatile tool we can use in studying our marine ecosystem


Synerduino Vessle

  • ¬†Option of Differential or Steering drive setup Brushed or Brushless setups


6Ch to 8Ch Radio

Power supply (battery options)



  • Commission Fabrication Service
  • Synerduino Controller Kit Setup