Synerduino STM

Synerduino STM is an 32Bit version of the Synerduino shield family it allows for more faster processes into your drone application as a tool for research developers in Robotics & Drones

More information will be posted as its made available.. Synerduino STM shield is an STM32 base platform that brings advance functionally to your Drone Project. it still retains the Arduino shape allowing to be compatible with Arduino prototyping boards available.



Synerduino is Compatible with the INAV firmware and GCS . documentation online under INAV would hold true with this board more or less with little to no modification



The Shield Kit includes the following items:


  • 1x Synerduino STM Shield Board
  • 1x STM32F411 Dev module
  • 1x Bluetooth
  • 2x JR Servo Plug
  • 2x DUPONT Line (V0.1)
  • 1x Pair XT60

Option: W/ GPS or W/o GPS

List of features:

  • Compatible with INAV Firmware
  • Ground Station with INAV configurator
  • IMU 10DOF
  • Supports 3S/4S Batteries
  • 4 Output ESC Pads
  • 2 ADC Pins
  • 7 PWM output

STM32 Base Synerduino Shield for Advance users


  • Dimensions: 128 x 62 x 28 mm LWH / (V1.1)135mm x 62mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 46.1g
  • Arduino Prototyping Shield Footprint
  • 4 Solder Pad set s for 4 ESCs and Motors
  • DIY  section for component addons
  • 7 3-Pin PWM Headers S1-S7
  • 2 3-Pin RC Headers w/ Sbus inverter
  • 3 7-Pin Serial Headers
  • 2 3pin ADC in (Voltage and Current)
  • 2 RC Serial input Pin
  • WS2811 LED output


  • Input Voltage from STM Board: 3.3-5V
  • PWM Power Rail Regulated – 5V at 1.5A
  • Drone Power Input Voltage – 12.6V (3S) or 16.8V (4S)
  • Power Distribution Lines – 80A


  • Processor: STM32F411CEU6 BlackPill


  • GYRO/ACC: BMI160 (Align CW 0)
  • MAG: HMC5883/QMC5883 (Align CW 180)
  • BARO: BMP180/280


  • Firmware: INAV Flight

Serial Pins

  • Serial 1 -Telemetry or Serial OSD
  • Serial 2 – RC Sbus
  • Serial S – GPS

7 PWM MR/FW pin

  • MR motor (S1-S6 ) Servo (S7)
  • FW Motor (S1-S2) Servo (S3-S7)







    Synerduino STM
    Sensor Housing
    Kit Set
    250mm Synerduino Kwad
    Programmable Logic




    Fail Safe

    Main Documentation for SynerduinoSTM  use

    the STM32F411 Dev Module comesFlashed , preloaded and Configure on INAV 6.0.0 to Run with a 250mm Synerduino Kwad setup , However there are things you need to check and Validate base on your setup

    • Reciver RC Mapping
    • Magnetometer Orientation
    • Tuning and Advance Tuning setup
    • Modes – flight mode selection base on your remote
    • Ports – Assign Port should it be change
    • GPS Type – NMEA ,UBLOX ,UBLOX7

    Synerduino (Shield Assembly)

    Synerduino STM Shield.pdf

    Synerduino STM Documentation

    Synerduino STM Documentations

    SynerduinoSTM Hex File

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV


    Synerduino Pre-Sets  (INAV Configurator CLI Tab)

    this are Presets for 250mm Quad 4045/5045 Prop , 2300kv-2500kv Motor

    which sets the PID turing to match the default setup

    INAV CLI Tab

    Copy this Presets and Paste it on your INAV CLI Tab and press Enter ,Save Settings and Reboot ,

    Dont forget to change your Reciver Tab mapping , Modes Tab Flight modes with ARM , RTH , NAV POS , etc.

    Synerduino STM DIFF 6.0.0  22-4-2023.txt

    Synerduino Target

    Synerduino STM Target 4.pdf


    Side Note

     Drone wont Arm 
    • its not Level Or Calibrated
    • GPS mode is active w/o GPS Fix
    • has GPS configure active while indoors
    Flying the Wrong Direction
    • Check Compass orientation
    • Check Radio input and reverse RC input
    DFU mode
    • Method 1: When the power is on, press the BOOT0 key and the reset key, then release the reset key, and release the BOOT0 key after 0.5 seconds
    • Method 2: When the power is off, hold down the BOOT0 key, and release the BOOT0 at 0.5s after the power is on
    • DFU Mode: Use the data line to connect to the computer. If there is an unrecognized problem, you can heat the chip appropriately (25°C) and then re-enter the ISP mode
    • if the Blackill is installed to the Synerduino shield power it with the battery for one min to preheat the crystal

    Downloadable Content

    SynerduinoSTM Hex File Firmware

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV

    Synerduino STM Hex INAV 7.0.0 (RC) .zip


    Impulse RC Driver Fixer

    Ground Station Application


    INAV Configurator 5.1.0

    INAV Configurator 6.1.0

    INAV Configurator 6.1.0

    INAV Configurator 6.1.0 Linux.deb

    INAV Configurator 7.0.0 RC

    INAV Configurator 7.0.0 RC Linux64.deb


    Synerduino APP (AETR) Android 2-10

    Synerduino APP (AETR) Android 11-14

    Synerduino AGV (AETR) Android 2-10

    Synerduino AGV (AETR) Android 11-14


    Android Mission Planning APK

    Mission Planner for INAV 1.43 pro.apk

    EZGUI 4.3 .apk

    EZGUI Logs Converter .apk


    INAV Configurator 6.0.0


    PID Presets (INAV Configurator)

    (250mm frame ,4045/5045 Prop, 2500kv-2300kv motor)

    Copy this Presets and Paste it on your CLI Tab and press Enter , Dont forget to change your Reciver Tab mapping , Modes Tab Flight modes with ARM , RTH , NAV POS , etc.

    Synerduino STM DIFF 6.0.0  20-4-2023.txt

    Synerduino STM DIFF 6.0.0  22-4-2023.txt


    Misc. Software

    Msys Terminal


    Xpack requirment

    (INAV5-6) xpack-arm-none-eabi-gcc-10.2.1-1.1-win32-x64

    (INAV7) xpack-arm-none-eabi-gcc-10.3.1-2.2-win32-x64

    VSCode-for scripting


    Synerduino Target

    SynerduinoSTM Target INAV 5.1.0

    SynerduinoSTM2 Target INAV 6.0.0

    SynerduinoSTM2 Target INAV 6.1.0

    SynerduinoSTM2 Target INAV 7.0.0-rc



    Synerduino STM adds a new Twist tothe  Addon Integration . should you bee adding external sensors and other Hardware to the board.

    Note: if your packing more than two sensors or additional micro controllers on to your Drone we advice to use an ESC with a BEC or an External BEC to power those sensors : see SynerduinoSTM  on power setup on the Documentation

    Note: these are Provided as samples for users to implement their own hardware.

    Programming Documentation

    Synerduino STM PLC

    Synerduino STM ADC 

    Synerduino STM Companion

    Hardware Implementation

    FPV Camera 5.8g

    FPV Camera ESP32

    LIDAR Obstacle Detection

    Thermal Sensor

    WIFI to PPM

    Computer Vision

    Yolov5 implementation

    ArduBlock Implementation

    this is use with Arduino IDE 1.14-1.18 Version useful when working with arduino codes file extention.abp


    Power Implementation

    need more power ? Synerduino Drone Powersupply and Distribution should allow for expanded capacity

    Power Board

    Synerduino Fixwing

    Foamboard Synerduino Twin

    Parts 3d print Arduino plane Gen 4


    3D Printed files

    pls check the stl file and the printer settings prior to print


    Synerduino Qwad 250mm Frame 3

    this 300mm drone requires an MG996R Servo at the tail and uses the round servo horn to mount the tail motor mount and at least one ESC with UBEC of 2A to support the servo power requirment

    Tricopter frame


    synerduino plane 1 STL File

    synerduino-plane-2 STL file

    Arduino plane Gen 4


    Synerduino boat Hull

    Synerduino boat accessories

     Phone Holder

    For Beginners who wish to learn how to fly a Drone we can recommend this link

    Download 1

    Download 2

    Download 3

    Trainer cord PPM

    Require a Game Controller or a Radio Transmitter with PPM Trainer cord or USB dongle this Virtual Port comes useful

    Steam Community :: Guide :: SmartPropoPlus config for DRL Simulator