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FPV camera 5.8Ghz

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There were a Few People who asked where do I stuck the camera on the Synerduino board, in fact its simple that there were two option. also be aware that this camera and their VTX can increase the current draw. so an additional BEC may be required to supply extra Energy.


in this sample we use a standalone 25mw FPV camera with attach VTX an typical lay out involving an BEC or buck converter supplying extra current to power the FPV camera


INAV supports a selected set of OSD for those who uses them

Stand Alone FPV


Serial OSD FPV

Mavlink Serial OSD

For Mavlink base OSD on Synerduino STM its require the Port Telemetry is set to Mavlink 115200 (Uart1)

ArduPilot Mega Minim OSD v1.2 - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
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