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Synerduino Airplane

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Airplane setup contains the Documentation , Arduino sketch & PID Parameters

Differential thrust Plane Special Configuration* :

PDF Instructions Legacy & Special configuration airplane .pdf*

User interface.exe*

Hex file uploader (to upload presets firmware directly to Arduino board)*

  • To further simplified the upload the firmware only supports ( 2560 Mega Arduino Board ),
  • Bluetooth Telemetry is hookup to Serial 0 for (HC05 -Bluetooth at Baud 115200) (0 + – Rx Tx)
  • SIK Radio Telemetry is hookup to Serial 1 in Raw data mode at Baud 57600 (1 + – Rx Tx)
  • Disconnect Bluetooth from Serial 0 when uploading Firmware or Configuring via USB

Synerduino Airplane Firmware Hex

  • Airplane Hex – contains normal plane configutation
  • Special Airplane Hex – Contains Differential thrust Wing , Differential thrust Airplane , RET Airplane types
  • Special airplane uses Ublox GPS M8 – M10 Require Arduino 2560 Mega R3

PID Parameters File*

PID Setting for Diff thrust Plane

Aircraft Note:

Flat plate or Symmetrical FixWing Aircraft may require the Synerduino board to be installed with an Pitch deviation to give these kinds of fixwings a nose up attitude similar to a tail dragger where the Synerduino board site horizontal in relative to the ground Rather than the Fuselage of the plane.

Differential thrust Series


Synerduino Firmware Ino file

Note: be aware only UnComment / select Airplane or Flying Wing modes on these sketches on Config.h

Special Plane Types .ino (Dual Motor ,3Ch ,4Ch , Differential Thrust)

Special Airplane (Support M9 – M10 NMEA , M7-M8 UBX) (2024)

Legacy Special Airplane (Support M5 – M6 NMEA , M7-M8 UBX) (2023)

Legacy Plane Types (Single Motor Classic FW and Airplane , Flying wings )

Synerduino Firmware .ino (Flying wings)

Telemetry SIK 3DR Radio Telemetry Configuration

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