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Synerduino STM FAQ/ Troubleshoot

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Error Drone wont Arm

INAV Configurator Tab CLI Command Line

Normally INAV trouble shoot is done thru the CLI Command if an Error pops up and Drone fail to Arm


Tasks – check if everything
is with in CPU load should
be with in 70%


Status – Check if all
systems are active ,
S Flow And to identify errors

Error Types

FS 00000080 The RX is not recognized as providing a valid signal

ANGLE 00000100 The vehicle is not level as defined by the CLI small_angle setting Calibrate the Accelerometer if necessary

CAL 00000200
The pre-arm sensor calibration has not completed. The barometer is somewhat susceptible
to lengthy calibration, which may be mitigated by the CLI setting baro_cal_tolerance, e.g.
set baro_cal_tolerance = 500 (find a suitable value by experimentation).

OVRLD 00000400 The CPU load is excessive. May be caused by too an aggressive loop time setting.

NAV 00000800 Where the CLI setting nav_extra_arming_safety = ON is used, this may be caused by reasons
shown in the table below

COMPASS 00001000 The compass is not calibrated. Perform the calibration procedure

ACC 00002000 The accelerometer is not calibrated. Perform the 6 point calibration procedure

ARMSW 00004000 The arm switch was engaged as the FC booted

HWFAIL 00008000 A required hardware device has failed / is not recognised (e.g. GPS, Compass, Baro)

BOXFS 00010000 A failsafe switch is engaged

KILLSW 00020000 A kill switch is engaged

RX 00040000 The RC link is not detected (RX not detected)

THR 00080000 The throttle setting is not a minimum (check your Reciver if throttle is map correctly or set to minimum)

CLI 00100000 The CLI is active (note: you will always /unavoidably see this when in the CLI)

CMS 00200000 The CMS menu is active

OSD 00400000 The OSD menu is active

ROLL/PITCH 00800000 Roll and/or pitch is not centred

AUTOTRIM 01000000 Servo autotrim is engaged

OOM 02000000 The FC is out of memory

A CLI setting is out of range. The erroneous setting should be indicated in a CLI dump. If you
can’t then reset the offending setting, reflash with full chip erase and reapplying settings
from scratch may help.

PWMOUT 08000000 PWM output error. Motor or servo output initialization failed. (
cause by insufficient timers available : turn off unused function like LED strip or SPI device) or (Servos or Motors ratios doesnt match to the Firmware assign PWM)

NOPREARM 10000000 PREARM is enabled and timed out

DSHOTBEEPER 20000000 DSHOTBEEPER is enabled and is active

CLI Command Line Trimming the Roll and Pitch Alignment

Sometimes no matter how well you
Your aircraft may drift when your on
neutral sticks
your ACC its not always perfect . You
may need to trim your board for a
good stability in flight

# set align_board_pitch
set align_board_pitch = #
Allowed range: -1800 – 3600

# set align_board_roll
set align_board_roll = #
Allowed range: -1800 – 3600

Pitch + # is Trim to the Back
Pitch – # is Trim to the Forward
Roll + # is Trim Left
Roll – # is Trim Right

Drone Gets Jumpy on AltHold or Erratic stability hard to tune PIDs

Check that Your props are Balance and not damage – as this causes vibrations

CLI Command Line – Looptime and CPU speed

Open the CLI command line.

Enter the command below.
Default: set looptime = 500 or
Synerduino: set looptime = 2800 – 3500 this would slow
down the refresh rate of the gyro to give it enough time for the cpu to load aswell as reduce the sensitivity of Gyros
to Noise (Vibrations) that can cause the drone to flip Then save it by typing the following command. save

This Adjust the sensor Refresh rate to better regulate the CPU Load Speed , If CPU is above
100% its overloaded and the failsafe would kick in . The drone will not Arm

CLI Command Line – Low Pass Filter

set acc_lpf_hz = 10 – lower the number the
less the sensitivity of the Acc to vibration cause by
the motor , this may give a sluggish respond but it
would settle the strange hiccups of INAV for
Drifting Horizons set acc_lpf_hz = 20 is Default

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