(PS) Foam w/o thin layer Paper All around sheet foam; light and versatile.
18″x 24″ 3mm 10pcs
(PS) Foam w/ thin layer Paper

(PS) Foam w/ thin layer Paper
Foamboard. Stiffer than regular PS Foam. Versatile, perfect for building air frames.
36″x 24″ 3mm `10pcs 1600
36″x 24″ 5mm `10pcs 2000
36″x 24″ 8mm `10pcs 2300

  Expanded Polyproplyene (EPP) Foam
Light, impact resistant and flexible.
24″ x 36″ 8mm 2pcs 640
9″ x 48″ 24mm 2pcs 1200
12″ x 48″ 36mm 2pcs1600

Carbon Fiber Sheet
Strong yet very light. Excellent for reinforcing a fuselage or bulkhead.
400mm x 500mm 0.3mm 
400mm x 500mm 0.5mm

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