An Request of 2017 by STEM educators for an open platform Development base controller for Drones and Autonomous vehicles Resulted in The Synerduino Line up of Drone Shield

Unlike conventional Flight Control Boards Synerduino is deliberately design as an Development board . meaning it allows for component interchangeability and compatibility which allow more flexibility for researchers and students to experiment on their own hardware and software implementation.

The Synerduino is Available in Arduino and STM Versions


Synerduino Platform is a Open Vehicle Control board solution in creating Affordable Automated Vehicles out of existing Vehicle platform . it also serves as STEM Education in Robotics and well as Thesis Research development allowing new concepts and ideas to be implemented faster and economical

Feature Function

  • Programmable Logic
  • ADC sensor integration
  • Data Analytic and intervention
  • Mission capability
  • Expandable footprint
  • Small integrated size
  • Multi-Vehicle platform
  • Light weight Interface on all its Compatible GUIs


Compatible with the Arduino footprint Prototyping Board Stacking on a tiny 250mm Frame . these can be attach and detach or modify w/o taking the whole drone apart


Program Logic

Perform Programmable Logic Tasks while your drone is in Missions

Data Capture and Data Analytics


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