Synerduino Arduino is Available

Shield  Package V1

Shield  Package V2


Synerduino Arduino

Synerduino Arduino Brings back the Classic like its 2012-2014

Nostalgic feel of a 2560 compatible board of an Arduino and Arduino IDE configuring thru the Sketch .ino files

its build on top of the widly used Arduino boards in the Academe Enviroment

Dont be fooled by the Popular Arduino R3 AVR  ATMEL 8Bit processor . this is what we flew on back in the day and still performs missions reliably

250mm drone kit suitable for Academe and reserch application for those starting out from an Arduino Environment basic functionality easy to understand

Anything you learn on other Arduino robotics classes are applied here


  • Arduino 2560R3 AVR 8bit Compatible platform and footprint
  • 4 Serial connections
  • PWM , PPM & SBUS compatible Radio Receiver
  • Arduino foot print expansion
  • uses the FlywiiGUI application
  • GPS Mission telemetry capable added M9 & M10 NMEA GPScompatibility

 Recent Changes

this is not like the Code of old  as it always been on constant updates

  • Windows: FlywiiGUI application
  • Android: Mission Planer for INAV and EZGUI
  • Linux: MWCTools
  • Mission Planning capable
  • added M9 & M10 NMEA GPS compatibility
  • Supports Multirotor , Fixwings , Surface vehicle types

Shield only Package

  • 1x Synerduino Arduino shield
  • 1x GPS module
  • 1x Bluetooth module
  • 1 x XT60 Plug set
  • 5 x PWM RC connectors
  • 1 x 4pin duopoint plug

Require to complete

  • Arduino Mega 2560 R3
  • 6Ch Radio
  • PWM. PPM, Sbus Receiver
  • 3s Battery 1300mah – 2200mah
  • Lipo Balance Charger
  • Battery voltage buzzer


Synerduino STM is Available

Shield Package F411

Shield Package F405

Shield Package H743


 Synerduino STM

the Synerduino STM Family of 32 bit Shields Brings modern drone feature in a Development DIY project friendly form

Package kits suitable for Research and Light industry use. for those who knew the basics and needing for advance applications.


  • 32Bit  board compatible with INAV firmare
  • ADC multifuction pins
  • Arduino Footprint for expansion
  •  PWM output
  • GPS mission Capable
  • Programmable Logic implementation
  • Receiver Radio compatible (Sbus, iBus, SRXL2, SUMD, FPort)

Shield only Package

  • 1 x Synerduino STM shield
  • 1 x STM32 Processor Board
  • 2 x  4pin duopoint PWM RC Connectors
  • 1 x GPS
  • 1 x Bluetooth
  • 1 x XT60 Plug set

Require to complete

  • 6Ch Radio
  • Sbus or iBus Receiver
  • 3s Battery 1300mah – 2200mah
  • Lipo Balance Charger
  • Battery voltage buzzer



Synerduino USV

Unmanned Surface vessel Controller set.

  • Differential Drive Dual Motor / ESCs
  • Origamy Hull
  • Synerduino board Kit  of your choice

Pre Order set

Synerduino Multirotor25

250mm Multirotor Kit provide an entry level set for Project research into Aerial Drone application

  • 3 peice Plastic Airframe
  • 5045 Propeller
  • Motors and ESCs

Pre Order Set