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with the SynerduinoSTM being digital it uses a Serial means to connect RC Receiver to the board , is also means the PPM or SBUS needs to be converted.

Fortunately there are existent of PWM ,PPM ,SBUS ,IBUS ,XBus Converters in the market to aid you with this conversion issue

SBUS/PPM/PWM Converter | RC Factory

Arduino PWM to SBUS Converter

Alternatively there is also a DIY method as well using an Arduino to do the conversion as well

start with:

  • An Arduino with a Atmega328 or 328p chip on it. (Promini , Nano , UNO R3)
  • IDE to program the chip with this code.


  • Used Arduino IDE to program this firmware onto the Arduino chip.
  • Connect upto 8 RC PWM input signals so that the wires go to: red = 5v black = GND or 0V pin on arduino white = PWM signal pins, these connect to D8,D9,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7
  • Connect the PPM output so that the wires go to: red = 5v black = GND or 0V PPM out = D10



  • any channel that you don’t connect a PWM input on, will emit a default value ( which is 1500 for all channels except throttle, which is 1100.) unless modify to provide basic fail safe function
  • disconnecting any channel after booting will cause the system to use the last-known-position of the input, until a good signal returns.
  • having pin PC3 (Arduino A3) pulled high on startup produces human readable serial 115200,8n1 output of the channel data instead of sbus
  • This is not a “failsafe” unit, if has no failsafe functionality. Failsafe is done by the Receiver so please study your Radio transmitter should it have any.
  • use this Code / Circuit with precaution , expect unwanted behavior if it should occur
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