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Missions , Auto mode Tips and Tricks

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Putting your Vehicle into Mission or Auto modes with Synerduino default function , Please ensure the following is calibrated and tune correctly See: Calibration Page

  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • PID Parameter
  • Enable GPS Filtering – base on travel of drone GPS would filter out small deviation of rouge positioning signals
  • Enable GPS Forward Prediction Filter – base on heading of travel GPS would predict its course to better adjust its position
  • Dont Reset home position on Arm – Home position base on where you Arm your drone or where you plug in your drone
  • Nav control Heading – front end forward
  • Fly tail first – rear and forward
  • Turn to take off Heading at Home – vehicle orientates heading to take off heading
  • Wait to reach RTH Alt – vehicle would hold position and climb till RTH Altitude(m) is reach before initiating RTH
  • Enable Slow Navigation – use slow rate
  • Ignore throttle during Nav and RTH – throttle control is taken over for altitude control – make sure its centers stick till landed
  • Take over BARO Mode – altitude control taken over my mission mode

To Start with your GUI by having HORIZON mode active this can be done on any unused Aux switch in M selection (write setting when done) for beginners and Mission mode this is required to have the drone self stabilize

Aux 1 and Aux 2 switch on your remote to select with H selection of your Aux Channel ,

  • ARM – this uses the Aux switch to Arm the vehicle. Alternative to combination sticks (Mainly use for Fixwings and Surface vehicles)
  • ANGLE – Sport mode for advance flyers mostly manual flying
  • HORIZON – keeps vehicle Level at all times (For Aircraft Beginner or Mission mode)
  • BARO – Holds Altitude (must be Active on Mission Mode)
  • MAG – Holds Heading (must be Active on Mission Mode)
  • HEADSFREE – Course Lock base on last heading the mode is active (UNO and MW2.2 boards and sketch)
  • GPSHOME – Return to Home where the Vehicle is Arm (Requires GPS)
  • GPSHOLD – Hold Position of Vehicle (Requires GPS)
  • MISSION – Vehicle Runs Waypoint Missions as uploaded on Mission Tab
  • LAND – initiate auto landing after the drone Returns Home (this is use in combination to GPSHOME mode)
  • PASSTHRU – complete Manual mode (Applicable for Fixwings)
  • CAMSTAB – Camera Gimbal stabilize function (is set on the Arduino)
  • CAMTRIG – Camera or Payload Switch (is set on the Arduino)

Combination function of Aux channel , Aircraft must be flying before activating these combinations

  • Course LockHORIZON, BARO, MAG, HEADSFREE (only applicable in MW2.2)

Remember that Default Altitude is (Above Ground Level is 25 meters (Adjust it on default field )

Mission Tab & Right Click on the map to open menu

  • WAYPOINT – Puts Vehicle on Waypoint route
  • POSHOLD_TIME – Vehicle waits at a certain time on the Waypoint Parameters (Second,Minute,Hour)
  • POSHOLD_UNLIMITED – Vehicle Waits until Mission is switch off
  • RTH – Vehicle Returns to Home Parameters (Land ( 0=off, 1=on)) determine if vehicle should land at Home position
  • LAND – Vehicle Lands here at the set location (only used at the end of the waypoint mission)
  • JUMP – jump to selected waypoint Parameters (waypoint number, Repeat no# of times)
  • SETPOI – Point of interest , Vehicle heading would face this
  • SETHEAD – set Heading of vehicle on this waypoint

For Multirotor and Fixwings

  • 1 Arm the Aircraft
  • 2 take off in horizon mode (fly this with stick until the aircraft gets above 2 meters off the ground )
  • 3 Switch Aux onto any Auto Mode
  • 4 to regain control switch off any Auto Mode with Throttle stick still at center

For Ground/Surface Vehicles

  • 1 Arm Vehicle by Aux switch Preferably
  • 2 Switch Aux onto any Auto Mode
  • 3 to regain control switch off any Auto Mode
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