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Stability Tips

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Synerduino board dampening

To improve Stability and Reduce Vibrations of the IMU should you encounter erratic behavior or difficulty tuning

  • Ensure Props are well balance and in good conditions
  • Rubber O-rings or cut out 5mm silicon tubes can serve as Dampeners
  • Arm drone on level Surface to prevent Gyro Drift issues

3mm – 5mm Rubber tubes secure on the Standoff via 3mm washers and the Synerduino Board. Applied both top and bottom even on the frame

Shock Dampeners

Hard Landings can cause unintended shock to the IMU especially on hard surface that can cause the Drone to flip , one way to dampening it is to use rubber or foam stick on floor scratch protection for furniture .

not only they reduces sudden shocks on hard landings but also protect the Arduino board as well

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