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Its Recommended you download and read both PDF instructions along with the other documentation and Reference on this page which provides assembly process and installation of the firmware or Scripts.

Blue * Marks important information and Files require to download

Synerduino Quick Build and Fly Guide .PDF*

Synerduino Basics .PDF

Synerduino Frame

Multirotor Configuration available as UNO 328P / MEGA 2560

Each motor number Corresponding to the Digital Pin its connected to

GPS Flight Modes documentation .PDF

XLoader for Hex files Firmware upload to Arduino board*

Firmware only supports ( 2560 Mega Arduino Board ),

  • Bluetooth Telemetry is hookup to Serial 0 for (HC05 -Bluetooth at Baud 115200) (0 + – Rx Tx)
  • SIK Radio Telemetry is hookup to Serial 1 in Raw data mode at Baud 57600 (1 + – Rx Tx)
  • Disconnect Bluetooth from Serial 0 when uploading Firmware or Configuring via USB

Hex firmware and calibration file

See: Synerduino Quick Build and Fly Guide .PDF*

FlwiiGUI Ground Station Software .EXE*

Synerduino Bluetooth Controller Android .APK*

PID Parameters Preset*

These PID presets are pre-tune and configure settings to get you started. (PID 250mm V1.1 Slow rate for the Synerduino Drone kit)

Misc files.

Synerduino Multirotor.INO

Arduino sketch file Support (Support M8-M10 NMEA – M7-M8 UBX) (2024)

Arduino Legacy sketch file (Support M5-M6 NMEA – M7-M8 UBX) (2020)

Telemetry SIK 3DR Radio

set both ground station and vehicle radio with same Net ID , Baud Rate, Mavlink as Raw Data Ensure the baud rate matches the Serial Com Speed Config.h of the synerduino Firmware

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