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Synerduino Shield

Required the following software to program your Arduino Board , GPS and Xbee module , 

Arduino IDE

UBLOX Configuration Platform for GPS

XCTU Configuration Platform for XBee

Ardublock For block code Programing , some files in (.abp)


*Xloader to upload Hexfile

3DR SIK Radio – Configure your 433/900mhz SIK serial radio

3DR SIK Radio configurator

FlyWii GUI

General User Interface for the the Synerduino Shield – User interface to setup your drone when the firmware is loaded (FlywiiGUI Lite for UNO 328 base controller for basic function , FlywiiGUI 19 – Map server Fix 30/10/2021)

Synerduino Multirotor  Arduino Sketch

Source code for Synerduino KWAD Shield: compile this using the Arduino IDE then flash it to your Arduino board , it contains Normal Mag Orientation and Inverted Mag Orientation for those who have sensor boards that are inverted. Note: updated board will be using the GY91 with define implementation of the Synerduino board at Config.h . noted by Jewin John that we added two different version of the code to be compiled by the specific version of Arduino

Android Controller APK

Android configuration APK

Android Mission Planning APK

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