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Synerduino STM

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Synerduino is an STM32 bit compatible shield develop to run the INAV system , this adds a new dimention to the Synerduino lineup intended for Advance users


Hardware Features

  • SPI and I2C Pins
  • External OSD implemntation
  • small prototyping section
  • inverted and uninverted RC2 SBUS pins
  • 7 PWM output
  • 2 UART
  • 1 Soft UART
  • External sensor option
  • Prototyping shield compatible

Hardware Specs

Sensors STM (GY91)

  • Gyroscope + Accelerometer: MPU9250 in SPI mode
  • Magnetometer: AK8963
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • GPS Setup – UBLOX Protocol (As Preset in Firmware Hex file )


  • Input Voltage from Arduino Board: 3.3-5V
  • PWM Power Rail Regulated – 5V at 1.5A
  • Drone Power Input Voltage – 12.6V (3S) or 16.8V (4S)
  • Power Distribution Lines – 80A

Dimensions: 128 x 62 x 28 mm LWH / (V1.1)135mm x 62mm x 28mm
Weight: 46.1g
4 Solder Pads for 4 ESCs and Motors


Software Feature

  • INAV Supported Firmware
  • Programmable Logic Control
  • Missions
  • LED control
  • updated fixwing model


Firmware Hex

Hex file contains the Firmware to be flash in DFU mode of the Controller , see to it the version matches the INAV GCS version

Synerduino STM F411

Syneduino STM Hex firmware and Synerdino STM2 replaces the beeper pin for RSSI to utilize 3 ADC total input

Synerduino STM F405
Synerduino STM H743

PID Presets

This is the Default Synerduino STM (250mm frame ,4045 Prop, 2500kv-2300kv motor)

Copy this and Paste it on the INAV Configurator CLI Tab Terminal and press Enter , Save Settings and Reboot

Note : RC mapping ,Compass calibration and Port Mapping are still required after setting this up



Ground Station



Synerduino Controller (AETR)

Hermes (AETR)Flone Remote (AETR)

Android Mission Planning APK

Mission Planner for INAV 1.43



Misc. Software

Msys Terminal


Xpack requirment


VSCode-for scripting


Synerduino Target

SynerduinoSTM F411
SynerduinoSTM F405
SynerduinoSTM H743

GPS Documentation


Flight Modes

Fixwing Setup Guide

Wing Tuning

Fixwing Auto Launch

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